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GMB union boss’s sexist Brexit attack

6 June 2016

12:38 PM

6 June 2016

12:38 PM

Oh dear. With Remain lagging behind Leave in today’s EU referendum polls, the In camp need to turn things around fast. Alas this memo has failed to reach Tim Roache, the GMB leader.

Speaking at the union’s annual congress, Roache attempted to put forward the liberal case for Remain. However, while he did praise workers’ rights in the EU, it’s his comment relating to Priti Patel that will be remembered.

Discussing the Brexiteer, he said that Patel’s name contained a contradiction:

‘Priti Patel, surely a contradiction in her name.’

While his sexist comment deserves no place in the debate, Mr S suspects that Roach’s own surname now seems rather fitting.

Update: Roache now claims that his comments were simply taken out of context…

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