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I’m no bottle blond: Boris denies dying his hair

12 June 2016

9:15 AM

12 June 2016

9:15 AM

There has been speculation for a while that Boris’s fabled mop may have had a touch of the Marilyn Monroe to it. Last year, celebrity hairdresser Heinz Schumi claimed it was a ‘forgery’. ‘I’m telling you, it’s bleached,’ he told the Daily Mail. ‘I went to see him give a speech, and when the spotlights shone on his hair, it was kind of orangey — it doesn’t go light enough. Also, when hair is bleached, the follicles are broken so you manipulate it how you like — this is what Rod Stewart did, so I am absolutely certain he bleaches it.’

Yet no confirmation had ever come from Boris as to whether this was true. Indeed his own father told the Mail that it was ‘100 per cent nonsense’. ‘I remember when he was born in New York, I nipped off to get a pizza and when I returned he was swaddled with all the other babies — but quite distinguishable by this shock of white hair. So I can reassure the nation, it’s quite genuine,’ he said.

Well, a new side to the story has emerged. In today’s Sunday Times Magazine, during an interview with Tim Shipman, Boris seemed to admit that he does in fact rely on the bottle. When conversation turned to Boris’s ‘bird’s nest of platinum hair’, he was keen to point out that ‘This is the real thing. It’s all natural.’ But when pressed as to whether or not he dyes it, he admitted that ‘Yes’, he does.

However, it seems that the blunt answer may have been meant in jest. Boris has now denied dying his hair, and has been in touch with Tim Shipman to tell him that he was ‘joking’ about using hair dye. ‘I do remember saying yes in what was a satirical voice. I remember thinking “God I hope he doesn’t take that seriously”,’ he said. Another family member has also issued a denial: Marina Wheeler, Boris’s wife, has said that she would ‘stake my life on it and that of my children’ that he does not use dye.


A hairy – and knotty story – but it remains to be seen whether the Remain side can spin it for Project Fear.


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