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Another day, another private members’ club visit for Stuart Rose

20 June 2016

6:36 PM

20 June 2016

6:36 PM

In recent weeks, there has been a genuine concern among Brexiteers that the In campaign are hiding Stuart Rose out of harm’s way in a secret location. The hapless Britain Stronger in Europe chairman has all but disappeared from the media spotlight after a series of campaign blunders — from forgetting the name of his own campaign group to mistaking Sweden for Switzerland. Despite this, Rose has become a topic of conversation in nearly every EU television debate thanks to his less than helpful claim that wages would actually rise in the event of Brexit.

So, Mr S was relieved to locate Rose just last week — sun-kissed and smiling at a fashion bash at Mark’s Club for London Collections. Now Steerpike learns that Rose has found time to visit a second private members’ club. The Financial Times report that the Remain chief was spied enjoying himself in Mayfair’s George Club just last Monday.

All leading Mr S to ask: if the In campaign chief can find time to frequent his favourite London haunts, surely he can find a spare hour or so to get back on the campaign trail as polling day nears?

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