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Watch: Ed Miliband mistaken for his brother David twice on Question Time

27 May 2016

10:04 AM

27 May 2016

10:04 AM

Poor Ed Miliband. Since his defeat in the General Election, the former Labour leader has seen his influence fade — dropping to number 40 in this year’s Doncaster Power list. Now it seems some are struggling to even remember his name.

On last night’s Question Time, Red Ed was mistaken for his brother David Miliband twice by his fellow panel member Dreda Say Mitchell. The Brexit-backing novelist mistook him for Labour’s prince across the water while discussing the EU:

DM: Are we saying David, as a country we are the fifth largest economy

EM: It’s Ed, actually

DM: Sorry, Ed

Alas Mitchell failed to learn her lesson and went on to refer to him as David for a second time later on. Miliband then suggested Mitchell simply refer to him as ‘you there’ in future. Given that the Miliband brothers are known to have a difficult relationship, Mr S is impressed that Ed managed to take the name snub in his stride.

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