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Today in audio: Fallon says Putin would ‘Vote leave’

24 May 2016

5:34 PM

24 May 2016

5:34 PM

Vladimir Putin’s name has popped up again in the Brexit debate. This time, however, it wasn’t the Prime Minister suggesting that the Russian president would favour Britain leaving the EU, but the Defence Secretary. Michael Fallon said Putin would ‘Vote Leave’ and he also told a Commons select committee that ‘there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a British exit from the European Union would be applauded in Moscow’. He added that it would be a ‘payday for Putin’:

Michael Fallon went on to say that being in the EU ensured that Russia had ‘paid the price’ for its intervention in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister gave a speech in which he said Brexit could ramp up the cost of a family holiday. But where was he planning on heading off to on his own summer trip? Cameron said he didn’t want to say because it would give the media too much advance warning for taking unflattering pictures of him on the beach:

David Cameron also insisted that he would be able to bring the Conservatives back together again following the EU referendum. The PM said it was ‘such a big issue that you do see arguments within political parties’:

The Prime Minister’s former advisor Steve Hilton was on the airwaves explaining why he was backing Brexit. He described the EU as being like a sinking ship:

Whilst Mark Carney again suggested that the prospect of Brexit was raising uncertainty:

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