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The Guardian gives Emma Watson’s offshore company a miss

11 May 2016

11:09 AM

11 May 2016

11:09 AM

Steerpike’s revelation yesterday that Emma Watson has been named in the latest Panama Papers leak has been followed up across the world — even inspiring a new genre of Harry Potter fan-fiction. While the Telegraph, the Independentthe Sun and the Times all followed up Mr S’s story in the UK, across the pond USA Today, New York Post and Fox News have also picked up on it.


However, there’s one paper that doesn’t appear to think the story is worth a mention. Step forward the Guardian.

The paper was one of 107 media organisations to be given secret access to the 11.5 million stolen documents ahead of the initial Panama Papers leak. At the time, staff at the paper clapped when their first Panama Papers splash was published. While their plentiful coverage went on to cause much embarrassment for both the government and public figures such as Simon Cowell and Jackie Chan, they are yet to pick up on the Harry Potter actress’s use of an offshore company.

Given that the Times today reports that Watson used the company to buy a multi-million pound property in London, perhaps the Grauniad will find a space to mention it in tomorrow’s paper. After all, if they’re not careful, people may begin to ask questions. While they seem to take a keen interest in offshore companies in general, the paper appears to be less interested when the beneficiary is a feminist campaigner who Alan Rusbridger — the former Guardian editor — recently appointed as a visiting fellow at Oxford’s Lady Margaret Hall.


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