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Watch: John Mann takes on Ken Livingstone over anti-Semitism – ‘you are a Nazi apologist’

28 April 2016

1:09 PM

28 April 2016

1:09 PM

As the Labour party continues to implode over the party’s handling of Naz Shah’s anti-Semitic social media posts, a number of MPs have turned on Ken Livingstone in light of his comments today on anti-Semitism.

However, John Mann has gone one step futher. The Labour MP confronted Livingstone over his claim that Hitler supported Zionism, just before Livingstone appeared on the Daily Politics:

‘You’re a Nazi apologist, rewriting history, rewriting history, rewriting history. Go back and check what Hitler did, go back and check. There’s a book called Mein Kampf, you’ve obviously never heard of it.’

Mann then appeared on the Daily Politics to repeat his claim — this time appearing from a different studio to avoid another heated exchange:

JM: He’s a worse historian than he is a politician. He ought to read Mein Kampf, Hitler’s book. He ought to study what the Nazis did, including when the Nazis came to power in January 1933. He ought to look at the events in that year. He ought to see what the first, second, third thing that Nazi regime did — who it targeted and why. He ought to look what he and his political leaders said about Zionism and then consider why he’s said these hugely offensive grotesque remarks. He should not be sat on Labour’s NEC, he should be suspended today.

KL: Well I’d simply say to the man, go back and check —  is what I said true or not? It will take just an hour or two to

AN: What’s the point?

KL: Because I was asked a question and I answered it.

Now, onto the next question: whose side is Jeremy Corbyn on?

Update: Hallelujah. Livingstone has now been suspended. Meanwhile John Mann has been summoned to the Leader’s Office. Will he be given a medal — or a dressing down?

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