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Brexit wars: Leave.EU goad Michael Gove

19 April 2016

3:02 PM

19 April 2016

3:02 PM

After Vote Leave were awarded the official designation to campaign for Brexit in the EU referendum, there was much disappointment from Grassroots Out and Leave.EU. So much so that the campaigns’ main funder Arron Banks toyed with the idea of launching a judicial review. However, in the end the Brexit backer decided to be the bigger man and support Vote Leave for the sake of national interests:

‘It is time to turn our collective guns on the real opponents in this campaign: those who are repeatedly trying to scare the British public into thinking that Britain is too small and insignificant to be an independent nation engaged with the whole world, not just one corner of it. We will be pursuing this campaign with vigour – and we’ll have some fun with it along the way.’

So how’s that working out? Not all that well. Five days on and Bank’s Leave.EU group appear to be turning on Vote Leave once again. In light of Michael Gove’s Brexit speech today, they have released this banner suggesting Gove is a secret Remain-er:


While the post has since been hastily deleted, the revolt has spread to other forms of social media. Leave.EU press officer Jordan Ryan has tweeted that the justice secretary is a ‘f—ing idiot’:


It’s beginning to seem as though the Brexit side may have had a lucky escape in terms of the designation.


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