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Leave.EU hit back at Osborne over Brexit comments: ‘if this is our economic team, we are in deep s–t’

18 April 2016

4:42 PM

18 April 2016

4:42 PM

George Osborne’s claim that the Treasury thinks Brexit would make you £4,300 worse off has gone down like a cup of cold sick with the Leave camp. While many Brexiteers have hit back in less than polite terms, it’s Leave.EU who win the award for ‘most blunt response’.

In light of the claims, Arron Bank’s Brexit group have added a new picture to their Facebook group. The banner reads: ‘If this is our key economic team we are in deep s–t’.


It seems that now Leave.EU are out of the race in terms of winning the official designation, they are able to speak freely.

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