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Labour’s Lisa Nandy suggests that Naz Shah should be suspended from the party

27 April 2016

12:22 PM

27 April 2016

12:22 PM

Labour’s Lisa Nandy has just been on the Daily Politics, where she suggested that Naz Shah should be suspended from the party. When asked about Bradford West MP Naz Shah’s comments about Israel,  Nandy told Jo Coburn that the Labour party should ‘suspend anybody who makes anti-Semitic comments in line with our policy and investigate it’. She said:

‘We have a policy that people who make anti-Semitic remarks are suspended and an investigation carried out…and the policy ought to be followed without any exception.’

‘There has to be a suspension and an investigation when something like this occurs because it is so serious and it does have a knock-on effect outside of parliament.

‘There is a real problem for the Labour Party if we don’t look like we’re taking this things seriously…the right thing to do is a full investigation and to make sure we don’t tolerate anti-Semitism in our party at all.’

The Shadow Energy and Climate Change secretary said she had made her view known to the Leader’s office, adding that Jeremy Corbyn is ‘handling it personally, which is right as the leader of the Labour party.’

Given that Nandy is known to be on the left of the party, it is telling that she is making this point publicly. It will presumably emerge in the next few hours what the outcome of Corbyn’s discussion with Shah was.


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