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Like London, Brussels has allowed itself to become a hotbed of Islamic extremism

22 March 2016

4:13 PM

22 March 2016

4:13 PM

It was only a matter of time before Brussels got the suicide-bomb allahu akbar treatment, as the Belgians knew full well. Part of the city – especially Molenbeek – is a cesspit of Islamic extremism. The authorities have been content to let such areas fester and until recently the police were noticeable by their absence. Quite aside from the Isis-inspired suicide bombers, a whole crescent (suitably enough) along the north-west seaboard of Europe has proved fertile ground for the Arab European League, a violently anti-Semitic and anti-western Islamist movement which has attracted scant attention, despite its typically vile programme. From Lille in the south, via Brussels, Antwerp, The Hague all the way to Rotterdam, whole towns and suburbs have Muslim populations in excess of 40 per cent. Political parties which have opposed this colonisation (such as Vlaams Belang) are excluded from government and denied airtime.

One assumes it will be London next. Again. And the terrorists will be home-grown – from Tower Hamlets or Luton or Kirklees. Indulged at an early age in their adolescent and narcissistic sense of victimhood. We will be told, when the atrocity happens, that they were ‘radicalised’ by something or someone, as if their espousal of Islamism had been imposed upon them extraneously. Another nonsense, along with all the other nonsenses we are fed in order to placate that section of the Muslim community which doesn’t necessarily want us all dead yet.

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