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Today in audio: Margaret Beckett’s praying for another Corbyn miracle

4 February 2016

4:52 PM

4 February 2016

4:52 PM

Haven’t had a chance to follow the day’s political events and interviews? Then don’t worry: here, The Spectator, brings you the best of today’s audio clips in one place for you to listen to.

Margaret Beckett said she is hoping and praying for a second Jeremy Corbyn ‘miracle’:

There was praise for Miles Goslett in Parliament, with Paul Flynn saying the Spectator piece he wrote on Kids Company was ‘British journalism at its very best’:

Geoffrey Cox said sorry in the Commons for failing to declare £400k of his income:

But after removing his tail from between his legs, he gave a rousing speech to tell the chamber why he was backing Brexit:

And it was not a good day for Sir Stephen Bubb, Chief executive of Charity Leaders Network, as he defended Age UK over a story in The Sun.

Bubb mistakenly referred to Hillsborough as Hillshead – offering a good example of how not to stick up for the charity sector:

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