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Today in audio: Julian Assange vs Philip Hammond

5 February 2016

4:32 PM

5 February 2016

4:32 PM

Haven’t had a chance to follow the day’s political events and interviews? Then don’t worry: here, The Spectator, brings you the best of today’s audio clips in one place for you to listen to.

Philip Hammond hit out at the UN after a panel ruled that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was being ‘arbitrarily detained’ and should get compensation. The Foreign Secretary said Assange is a ‘fugitive’ and he called the UN verdict ‘flawed’:

Julian Assange hit back at a press conference saying that Hammond’s comments were ‘ridiculous’. He also warned the UK there would be ‘consequences’ to ignoring the UN panel verdict:

David Cameron has been on a charm offensive in Europe as he attempts to persuade fellow leaders to deliver on his draft deal. The PM described what was on the table so far as ‘good work’:

The Prime Minister had an easy time in Denmark, with the country’s PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen saying he ‘truly believed’ adopting this package would make Europe better. He said he ‘hoped’ Britain stayed in Europe during the chummy press conference in Copenhagen:

But the PM may have been wishing that those back home were as on-message and supportive as the Danish PM. Tory MP Stewart Jackson said the EU remained ‘fundamentally unworkable’:

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