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Today in audio: Liam Fox on Cameron’s ‘ridiculous, scaremongering tactics’

8 February 2016

4:33 PM

8 February 2016

4:33 PM

Liam Fox, speaking on the World at One, denounced No 10’s suggestions that leaving the EU would mean Britain could see a Sangatte-style ‘Jungle’ emerge in the UK. He said it was a ‘complete red herring’:

David Cameron said his prison reform plans were a ‘bold and radical second term agenda’:

But there was scepticism about whether it was too little, too late. Juliet Lyon from the Prison Reform Trust said it was ‘certainly true’ that the situation in prison had deteriorated rapidly under the PM’s watch:

Grant Shapps spoke about being the fall guy over the Tory bullying scandal. Speaking on Daily Politics, Shapps said a blind eye was not turned in relation to alleged bullying following the death of young activist Elliot Johnson. But he went on to say that the Conservative party was ‘not very good at (dealing with) this kind of level of seriousness’:

During his appearance on Daily Politics, Shapps also dodged questions over Chris Grayling’s justice reforms – including a ban on books for inmates:

Meanwhile, Tory MP John Baron hit out at David Cameron for ‘scaremongering’ over EU migrant fears after the PM claimed that the Sangatte ‘jungle’ would come to Britain if we vote ‘out’. He said Downing Street was in ‘panic mode’:

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