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Samantha Cameron, the ice queen

8 February 2016

4:43 PM

8 February 2016

4:43 PM

When Samantha Cameron appeared on the BBC’s Sport Relief bake-off last month, she managed to charm the nation — with even the Daily Mail‘s Jan Moir singing her praises:

‘Yes, she bakes like a dream and went on to beat the three other celebrity contestants to win her heat — but what was really important was that we saw a glimpse at last of what she’s really like: sweet, self-deprecating and warm.’

Alas not everyone is so convinced that the David Cameron’s wife is ‘sweet, self-deprecating and warm’. In fact one woman — by the name of Lynne Rees — has written a letter to the Mail claiming that the reality is actually quite the opposite. Rees says that she worked at a villa abroad that the couple stayed at with friends just before Cameron was elected Prime Minister. Writing for the Mail, Rees recalls an icy encounter she says she had with Sam during their stay:

‘At dinner one evening, as I served Samantha, the tiny glass of sorbet slid off the plate and fell on her bare arm. I was truly mortified and apologised profusely.’

Rees claims Samantha ignored her pleas for forgiveness:

‘There was a tense silence as she dramatically swept her napkin over her arm repeatedly. I apologised again and again, but she ignored me.’

In the end it was Cameron who allegedly saved the day:

‘Her husband finally came to my rescue, saying: ‘Please don’t worry, it’s ok’. I was shocked by Samantha’s seemingly cold attitude.’

Rees says the couple did little to redeem themselves at the end of their stay — failing to say thank-you to all the staff. With Rees unlikely to ever want to work for the couple again, Mr S suspects that after today’s letter the feeling is mutual.

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