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PMQs: Cameron delivers a knockout blow to a struggling Corbyn

24 February 2016

1:33 PM

24 February 2016

1:33 PM

This could have been a tricky PMQs for David Cameron. Instead, it will be remembered for Cameron ventriloquising his mother and telling Corbyn ‘put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem’.

What gave this jibe its potency, is that it sums up what a lot of voters think of the Labour leader. It was not quite as Flashmanesque as it sounds. For it came in response to a Labour front bench heckle asking what Cameron’s mother would say about cuts in Oxfordshire.

Even before Cameron floored Corbyn with that line, the Labour leader was struggling. He chose to go on the NHS and the junior doctors’ strike. But even on this subject, he couldn’t make any headway. Worryingly for Labour. Corbyn’s PMQs performances are—if anything—getting worse. You can tell that Cameron is now just cruising through the Labour leader’s questions.

But, perhaps, the most striking thing about this session was how the first question on Europe did not come until 12.38—and this despite several Tory Outers being called. This suggests that the Tory PMQs truce on the issue is likely to hold.

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