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Listen: Corbyn vs Cameron on the ‘Tory party drama’ EU deal

3 February 2016

1:26 PM

3 February 2016

1:26 PM

David Cameron has delivered his statement to the Commons on the draft EU reform package. The PM said it was an ‘important milestone’ and again talked up the agreement – despite the furious backlash in the newspapers today.

Have a listen to the opening lines of his statement here:

After ignoring the issue during PMQs, Jeremy Corbyn labelled it a ‘Tory Party drama’. He also criticised the PM for going to Chippenham yesterday instead of answering questions in the Commons about Donald Tusk’s draft statement.

Listen to what he had to say here:

Corbyn was not the only one to take the PM to task over the deal. John Mann asked David Cameron:

‘Is that it? Is that the best the Prime Minister can do?’

It was up to David Cameron’s old friend Boris Johnson to ask for specific details about whether the deal would stem the tide of EU laws:

Whilst Ken Clarke asked the PM how he was going to persuade other European countries to persuade them over the draft reform package:

And the SNP’s Angus Robertson wanted a committment from Cameron not to hold the referendum in June to avoid a clash with elections in Scotland:

But not everyone offered criticism to the Prime Minister, with Eric Pickles insisting that David Cameron was delivering a manifesto pledge in his renegotiations with Europe:

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