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Dermot Murnaghan vs Anna Soubry: ‘are you sure you’re in government?’

29 February 2016

8:58 AM

29 February 2016

8:58 AM

With the Sunday papers filled with stories suggesting David Cameron’s party is in turmoil over the EU, Sky’s Dermot Murnaghan decided to raise the issue with Anna Soubry during an appearance on his show. Alas he got more than he bargained for when the Minister for Small Business — who is known not to mince her words — proceeded to take Murnaghan to task over his ‘seriously boring’ line of questioning:

DM: Are you saying ‘oh dear it’s all turning a bit nasty’?

AS: No, I’m saying: ‘oh dear this is so boring for ordinary viewers who are not interested in this media bubble, mainly centred in Westminster’. Out here in the real world people want to know the issues, they want to know why they’re going to be safer stronger and better off in Europer, and equally what it will look like if we were to leave the EU. That’s what people want to know about, not this media bubble, it’s dreadful Dermot.

DM: Ah the media bubble argument, don’t you think they want to know who’s going to be Justice Secretary… Michael Gove might be sacked for campaigning on the other side

AS: Right let’s get a few things straight, right: the media got the result of the General Election spectacularly wrong. The reason they got it wrong was because they sat in comfortable studios and they listened to media commentators and forgive me, but that’s lazy journalism. Get out into the real world, listen to what real people are saying.

Murnaghan then received another round of abuse when he asked about a rumoured Cabinet reshuffle:

‘No, I’m saying this is boring Dermot, this is boring, this is seriously boring.’

While Soubry continued to bicker with Murnaghan over his questions, the presenter did at least manage to get the last laugh after Soubry played dumb over government campaign rules. Murnaghan asked Soubry what she made of Sir Jeremy Heywood banning civil servants from providing Brexit-supporting ministers with materials that could be used to support the Leave camp:

AS: I’m really sorry to upset you about this but I genuinely do not know anything about this because it’s something that’s not come my way at all.

DM: Are you sure you’re in government?

Mr S suspects it may be a while before Soubry is invited back by Murnaghan.

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