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Michael Caine wades into the EU debate: ‘I feel certain we should come out’

22 January 2016

8:57 AM

22 January 2016

8:57 AM

Michael Caine started his Today programme interview apparently unsure about whether he was going to vote in or out in the EU referendum.

But just a few seconds later, the Hollywood star seemed to change his mind live on air – saying we were better off without Europe, which is packed with ‘thousands of faceless civil servants’.

He said:

‘I don’t know what to vote for, both are scary. To me, you’ve now got, in Europe, a government by proxy of everybody who has now got carried away, and I think unless there is some extremely significant changes we should get out. Because you say, we’ll fail, so you fail – get better, try harder and then you’ll be a success. But you cannot be dictated to by thousands of faceless civil servants who make these rules.’

Caine then added:

‘I feel certain we should come out because I’m a middle of the road politician. And one of the reasons I am there is because I have been everything: I’ve been poor, I’ve been on the dole, I’ve worked in factories, I’ve been a multimillionaire, I’ve paid heavy taxes and so I know every problem from every angle.’

Caine is, of course, no stranger to wading into political debates after publicly ditching Labour and switching to the Conservatives in 2009. His intervention could be about as good as it gets for the out campaign whilst cabinet ministers remain gagged.

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