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Podcast: the real victims of climate change and the oddballs in youth politics

3 December 2015

1:56 PM

3 December 2015

1:56 PM

Are the elderly and poor the real victims of climate change? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, presented by Isabel Hardman, Matt Ridley and Michael Jacobs debate the Paris climate change conference and whether politicians are too concerned about protecting ‘our grandchildren’. What is the point of this conference and will anything be achieved? Are attitudes towards the environment changing?

James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson also discuss the Labour party’s civil war over the Syria airstrikes and whether this will help Dan Jarvis’ leadership chances. How much has the party damaged its reputation over national security? Is Jeremy Corbyn still safe as Labour leadership or will moderates in the party try to unseat him in the near future?

Plus, Douglas Murray and Steph Smith discuss whether all young Conservative activists are obnoxious and why people get involved in the first place. Is this something exclusive to the Tories or do other political parties have oddballs in their youth wings? What do normal Tory activists think about Conservative Future and RoadTrip?

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