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Podcast special: 2015 in review

22 December 2015

3:52 PM

22 December 2015

3:52 PM

Christmas is almost here, so it’s time for our annual year in review podcast. In this View from 22 hour-long special, I’m delighted to be joined by a stellar line-up of Spectator contributors to look back on the events of the past twelve months, as well as asking each of our guests for their person of 2015.

  • Isabel Hardman and James Forsyth discuss the surprise Tory victory in May’s general election and how David Cameron has finally proven himself a winner. Does he now have the whole Conservative party behind him? And who should take credit for this victory?
  • Fraser Nelson and Alex Massie look at the rise and rise of the SNP and how Nicola Sturgeon managed to take the party to new heights after losing the independence referendum. Is the SNP enjoying life as the third largest party in Westminster. What opportunities lie ahead for them in 2016?
  • Peter Hitchens and Douglas Murray discuss 2015 in foreign affairs — including the rise of Isis, relations with Russia and the Commons vote to bomb Syria. Will the West’s fight with Isis grow more complex in 2016? And are relations between the West and Vladimir Putin thawing at all?
  • Dan Hodges and Nick Cohen chew over the most interesting topic in domestic politics this year: the Labour party and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. How has the new leader survived his first 100 days in office? Will he remain leader until the 2020? And can the Labour party survive the next few years?

You can subscribe to the View from 22 through iTunes and have it delivered to your computer every week, or you can use the player below.

On a personal note: This is my final Coffee House post and episode of the View from 22. Thank you very much to everyone who has tuned into these podcasts and to all the guests who’ve made the trek to 22 Old Queen Street to appear on them. For now, I bid Coffee House readers farewell. A very Happy Christmas to everyone.

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