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And the Holy Smoke Lefty Bore of the Year award goes to…

27 December 2015

3:00 PM

27 December 2015

3:00 PM

…. Bonnie Greer. Which is a shame, because before Twitter she was feisty and thought-provoking.

Just two years ago she came in to the Telegraph newsroom for one of our Telegram podcasts and was terrific value – just as I remember from the golden era of The Late Review (i.e. before Mark Lawson was replaced by right-on, pleased-with-herself socialist millionairess Kirsty Wark).

But then Greer discovered Twitter and THIS happened:

These are just from the last month or so. It’s not exactly news that Greer, a Chicago-born playwright, is left-wing; but I remember her as a lefty with a sense of humour, not Private Eye’s Deirdre Spart. I can’t find a picture of Dave Spart’s female incarnation, but this is pretty much the tone of Ms Greer’s social media rhetoric:


The @Bonn1eGreer Twitter feed is basically a never-ending p. 94. Enough, already! In 2016, do you think we could have the old Bonnie back?


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