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Exclusive translation: the Pope says Paris attacks are part of a Third World War

15 November 2015

4:14 PM

15 November 2015

4:14 PM

An Italian religious TV station, TV2000, has posted this audio clip of Pope Francis – sounding distressed and tearful – expressing his horror at the murders in Paris. The Pope says he’s moved and saddened, and praying for every one of the victims and their families; he feels close to ‘the beloved’ French people. The Spectator has had it translated from the Italian:-

Q: Holy Father, how do you feel about the tragedy of Paris?

A: I feel deeply touched and grieved. I don’t understand. But these things are hard to understand; things done by human beings. That’s why I am deeply touched, grieved and I pray. I am very close to the beloved French people, I am close to the relatives of the victims and I pray for all of them.

Q: You spoke many times about a Third World War… in pieces.

A: Yes, this is a piece of it. There is no justification for such things…

Q: Above all, there can’t be a religious justification.

A: Neither religious, nor human. This is not human. That’s why I am close to all the people who suffer and to France, which I love so much. And thanks a lot for your call.

The Pope’s earlier thoughts on a Third World War can be found here. You can find the clip of the new interview with French subtitles here.




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