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Camila Batmanghelidjh comes to the government’s aid

16 November 2015

12:47 PM

16 November 2015

12:47 PM

Since Mr S’s colleague Miles Goslett blew the whistle on Kids Company – and its founder Camila Batmanghelidjh — in The Spectator earlier this year, the charity has been closed down and Batmanghelidjh has been summoned to a select committee hearing.

With Batmanghelidjh’s former cheerleader David Cameron now doing his best to distance himself from the disgraced charity chief — after his ministers were accused of brushing aside civil servants’ concerns about Kids Company’s finances, could she still have one cabinet minister on side?

Mr S only asks after an email popped into his inbox this morning from 6 Hillgrove PR saying that Batmanghelidjh was helping to inspire children as part of an Entrepreneurs4Schools scheme allegedly backed by the education secretary. They say that Batmanghelidjh has recorded a special video message to help launch the government-backed scheme, along with an email claiming that Nicky Morgan personally supports the scheme:


Mr S called the education secretary’s office to find out what she made of her co-helper’s efforts. However, they say that the PR firm have made a mistake and that Morgan has no official involvement in the scheme — though she had expressed interest and asked for more information when first approached about getting involved over a year ago.

Given that no further conversations followed, Mr S suspects that Batmanghelidjh’s video efforts today will have at least managed to attract Morgan’s attention to the project once again.

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