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So Theresa May, isn’t your own workforce ‘too white’?

22 October 2015

4:40 PM

22 October 2015

4:40 PM

Today Theresa May has hit out at the lack of black and Asian officers in the police forces, arguing that the current diminutive figures are ‘simply not good enough’. She said that the current forces must increase ethnic diversity in order to represent their communities, claiming that there are no black officers in Cheshire, Durham, Dyfed-Powys and North Yorkshire.

Strong words from the Home Secretary, which left Mr S wondering just how diverse May’s own personal work force is. Surely with May — an apparent champion for ethnic diversity in the workplace — branding police forces ‘too white’, she herself has a high proportion of staff from ethnic minorities? Alas, in terms of her personal staff of special advisers, May doesn’t appear to have a great track record on this issue.

Stephen Parkinson, Theresa May's outgoing senior special adviser

Stephen Parkinson, Theresa May’s outgoing senior special adviser

Of May’s current staff, not one of her spads — Alex Dawson, Liz Sanderson and Stephen Parkinson, who is leaving to join the Out campaign — falls into either of these two categories.

As for May’s former staff? Former spads Nick Timothy and Fiona Cunningham are also both white.

In fact, Steerpike is yet to discover one of May’s current or previous special advisers who falls into the categories that she has blasted the police for not hiring from. When Steerpike contacted the Home Office for clarity on the percentage of ethnic minorities in May’s personal staff, he was passed onto CCHQ. Only CCHQ then came back to Steerpike and said that this was a matter for the Home Office. Mr S is beginning to suspect that they don’t want to answer the question.

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