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David Cameron goes off message with sex joke in conference speech

7 October 2015

1:19 PM

7 October 2015

1:19 PM

The Prime Minister was feeling in a rather fruity mood when he gave his conference speech today, managing to make not one, but two off-script sex jokes.

The first involved his wife Samantha and Richard Murphy, the professor of Corbynomics. Discussing the dangers of a Corbyn-led Labour which believes in ‘renationalisation without compensation, jacking up taxes to 60 per cent and printing money’, Cameron brought up Murphy and his page turner The Joy of Tax:

‘His book is actually called The Joy of Tax. I’ve got it. I took it home to show Samantha. It’s got 64 positions – and none of them work.’

Samantha smiled on nervously as the audience laughed, before Cameron launched into another gag:

‘I was a hooker. And by the way that’s a factual statement, not a chapter in Ashcroft’s new book.’

Still it makes a nice change for Cameron. After Lord Ashcroft published a story claiming that he once had intimate relations with a dead pig, Cameron has been on the receiving end of such gags for some time.


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