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How can multiculturalism both cause and cure racism?

27 October 2015

11:14 AM

27 October 2015

11:14 AM

In recent weeks there have been two prominent examples of what some people in Britain term ‘Islamophobia’. The first involved a woman on a London bus shouting to two identifiably Muslim women that they should ‘go back to their own country.’  She goes on to call them ‘Fucking Isis bitches’. The whole ugly scene was recorded by another passenger and widely trailed around the internet, subsequently leading to a woman’s arrest.

The second incident was also filmed on a passenger’s phone and took place on a London bus a few days later.  On this occasion a passenger levelled an equally expletive-laden rant at a man sitting opposite him, also inviting the man to ‘go back to your own country’. The fact that the man who experienced this verbal attack must have been talking in a different language clearly further aggravated his assailant, who continued with what the Daily Mail termed ‘a shocking Islamophobic rant’.

‘You’re talking in a different language but nobody knows what you’re saying.  Go back to Turkey if you talk that shit. Oh no you can’t because shit gets blown up in Turkey.  That’s why you’re here mate – free benefits and a walker. Well your walker is going to go flying when this bus stops mate.’ The walker is indeed then thrown off the bus and down the road by the thug in question.

Now there are many things to be said about both these ugly and deplorable cases.  But perhaps the most interesting is that in both cases the assailants were black. This is interesting because so much of our culture in recent years has depended on a multicultural model in which only people from an ‘ethnic minority’ can be victims and only people who would be identified on the census as ‘native white British’ are capable of being oppressive bigots. The whole ideology of multiculturalism on which our country and continent have based our future is founded on this assumption. And so the case of the two black Londoners and their separate ‘Islamophobic’ tirades poses an interesting challenge to the multicultural model.

Happily there are always people to explain these things away or give the wrong explanations for them. And it is with something like joy that I point readers to this effort in the Guardian. I have just read it and did not want to enjoy the opportunity of such idiocy alone.  Apart from the fun, it is in its own way remarkably instructive.  Here is the author – one Joseph Harker – on the first case described above:

‘The shock factor in this clip is… that this time the expletive-ridden tirade is coming from the lips of a black woman.’

Fortunately he has two explanations. The first is to ascribe this woman’s behaviour to the British media’s unforgivable reporting of events that happen. In his view sentiments like those so rudely expressed by the black woman on the bus only occur because the media keep reporting on things like FGM and forced marriage. Harker has himself apparently done a study of the media and his report shows that there are apparently an alarming number of negative stories in the British media relating to Islam and Muslims. Why this might be – other than because of a generalised mass-bigotry in the media – he does not say. Nor does Harker give enough credit to the media for years in which they made very sure that they didn’t report things like the organised gang-rape of underage children by Muslim males in the north of England.  For decades the British media demonstrated superb self-control in not writing about that story. Nevertheless it seems to me misguided to think that if only they had been able to keep up such self-restraint that we would all be living in Elysium and the black lady on the London bus would have been moving calmly on her way to some inter-faith dialogue meeting.

But the most interesting point about the Harker piece – and the reason it is really worth pointing out to readers – is that it does the hard work in identifying what is really wrong with our country. As the Guardian headline puts it:

‘This black woman’s anti-Muslim rant shows how deep British racism goes.’

And there we are, you see. We in Britain are not just a racist country – we are such a racist country that we make everyone who comes here into a racist. Bring anybody of any colour skin into the UK and within no time at all we will make them just as bigoted and ‘Islamophobic’ and racist as the rest of us.

Of course the really interesting question goes unasked for now. That is ‘what possible excuse could there be to continue such a wicked society?’. Surely only wholesale abolition of such a society could even begin to purge this original and ongoing sin?  When you consider this you begin to understand why some people are so keen on letting the entire third world into Europe. They think open borders will purge us of our bigotry. They don’t seem to realise that it might have other repercussions entirely and that what we’ve seen on a couple of London buses in recent weeks is nothing compared with what they could unleash once their experiment is complete.

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