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Charlotte Church takes #piggate to Tory conference

23 September 2015

1:06 PM

23 September 2015

1:06 PM

With yet more allegations concerning David Cameron published today as part of the Daily Mail‘s serialisation of Lord Ashcroft’s Call Me Dave, the Prime Minister will be hoping that ‘piggate‘ will soon be all but a distant memory to most.

Alas, while the press feast on fresh revelations that Cameron once allegedly said that he was born with not one, but two silver spoons in his mouth, next month’s Tory conference is expected to put pig firmly back on the news agenda.

Anti-Tory activists are planning to wear pig masks as they protest outside the conference. Organisers at the People’s Assembly Against Austerity have even shared a link with protesters which shows them how to print their own pig mask for the occasion:

What’s more, Cameron’s nemesis Charlotte Church looks keen to partake in the festivities. The classical singer turned prosecco socialist — who has already confirmed she will be attending the protest — retweeted a fellow protester suggesting the idea:


Church has made no secret of her disdain for Cameron after she met him at Tory conference in 2012 at a Hacked Off fringe event. She said that when she spoke with Cameron he came across as ‘gross and really misogynistic’. However, after this stunt Mr S hesitates a guess that Cameron is unlikely to lose sleep over Church’s opinion.

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