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Lib Dem ‘Glee Club’ goes to party conference

22 September 2015

1:13 PM

22 September 2015

1:13 PM

As the Liberal Democrats try and find a place for themselves in politics following a disastrous election result, the party can at least pride itself on having the most musical party conference. After their Lib Dem Disco over the weekend, a Lib Dem Glee Club is at conference today:

Sky News’s Sophy Ridge, who is covering this year’s Lib Dem conference, says there is a ‘Glee Club’ karaoke song book dedicated to the late Charles Kennedy. In this, they list a range of classics for which they have rewritten the lyrics to reflect the party’s political struggles.

‘The Twelves Days of Christmas’ has been renamed Coalition and includes the lyric ‘On the second day of conference, the Tories gave to me, absolutely zilch’:

There is also a shout out to some of their fallen MPS, including Simon Hughes:

But perhaps the most interesting entry is a rewrite of ‘Danny Boy’:

‘Why don’t you just this
once show you’re a Liberal,
Show there is passion,
and some principles you share?’

Whoever could they mean?

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