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Kerry McCarthy defends saying that meat-eaters should be treated like smokers

24 September 2015

5:42 PM

24 September 2015

5:42 PM

Today Labour’s vegan shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy has come under fire for comments she has made about meat. In an interview with ‘Viva!Life’ magazine — given before she was given a role in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet — McCarthy said ‘meat should be treated in exactly the same way as tobacco with public campaigns to stop people eating it’.

Naturally this has gone down like a lead balloon with farmers, especially since she appeared to suggest people should give up meat and dairy completely:

‘Progress on animal welfare is being made at EU level … but in the end it comes down to not eating meat or dairy.’

Speaking to the Bristol Post, McCarthy has now attempted to defuse the situation claiming she was trying to make the point that people should be made aware of the consequences of eating meat:

‘I am not trying to tell people what they should or shouldn’t eat. But they should know what the risks are without them being swept under the carpet.’

However given that McCarthy was instrumental in bringing about vegan month to Parliament — inflicting weeks of vegan dishes such as quinoa spring rolls on MPs — Mr S suspects farmers might be right to be worried.

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