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John Prescott caught in live TV gaffe: who is Jamie Reed?

12 September 2015

1:02 PM

12 September 2015

1:02 PM

With Jeremy Corbyn announced as the new leader of the Labour party, shadow health minister Jamie Reed immediately resigned from the shadow cabinet. However, it seems the party aren’t too down hearted by the news. In fact Labour heavyweight John Prescott doesn’t even know who the Labour MP for Copeland is.

Speaking on BBC News — seemingly unaware he was live — Prescott admitted he did not know who the former shadow health minister was. When asked by Jane Hill, what he made of Jamie Reed already standing down, Prescott replied that he didn’t know who he was:

‘Who is Jamie Reed? Is he in our party?’

Prescott isn’t that fussed about Rachel Reeves pledging to return to the backbenches either. ‘They’re not the biggies,’ he responded dismissively, before asking Hill if they were going to do the interview. At this point Hill had to break the news that they were already doing the interview, and he was live on air.

Meanwhile the Andy Burnham camp don’t appear to be thrilled by the news:

With Burnham coming a mere second, his team’s @Andy4Leader account appeared to publish a tweet which simply read ‘f—‘ just after the results were announced. This tweet has now mysteriously disappeared.

It seems there is trouble in paradise already.

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