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Jess Phillips takes on George Galloway over Brighton beach incident: ‘he does struggle with women’s voices’

29 September 2015

10:47 AM

29 September 2015

10:47 AM

Although Labour conference has so far been a rather tame affair, Jess Phillips can at least be relied upon to spice up proceedings. The outspoken Labour MP is developing a reputation for being a bit of a rebel after she made the news earlier this month for telling Diane Abbott to ‘f— off‘.

Now she has a new target in her sights. Phillips says that she confronted George Galloway, who was expelled from the Labour party in 2003, on the beach in Brighton yesterday. She says she decided to tell Galloway — who was previously criticised by anti-rape campaigners for comments suggesting sexual assault charges facing Julian Assange were nothing more than ‘bad sexual etiquette’ — that he was a ‘rape apologist’:

However, Galloway denies the incident occurred, claiming that he never met Phillips when he filmed on the beach yesterday:

The Labour MP is not taking kindly to the denial. When Mr S caught up with her at last night’s Sky News conference party, she insisted that she did shout at Galloway on the beach:

‘I was walking on the beach and I saw him so I just shouted over as he filmed for something. I know he’s now said I am a liar but I did shout at him and I have witnesses, but then again he does struggle with women’s voices.’

With the Respect politician hoping that Labour’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn will rescind his expulsion from the party, Mr S can’t see that happening in the near future if Phillips has any say on the matter.

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