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Did a Downing Street official just let slip government plans to privatise Channel 4?

24 September 2015

6:00 PM

24 September 2015

6:00 PM

While luvvies have been busy worrying about the future of the BBC in recent months, it appears that Channel 4 may actually be the broadcaster in the government’s firing line.

According to Steve Blacks, the Downing Street photographer, an unknown man was snapped heading into 10 Downing Street with an ‘official’ document concerning the future of Channel 4. Close up the document appears to suggest the government should consider ‘extracting greater public value’ from Channel 4 by ‘focusing on privatisation options’:

In July it was reported that the government were considering proposals to privatise Channel 4 as it could raise £1bn for deficit reduction.

A DCMS spokesperson insists no decisions have been taken:

‘The government has made no decisions regarding reform of Channel 4. Channel 4 has an important remit and we are looking at a range of options as to how to continue to deliver this, including options put forward by Channel 4.’

Mr S will watch Channel 4 news with interest tonight to see if they cover the leak.

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