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Emily Thornberry risks another Twitter gaffe with pig jibe

22 September 2015

2:27 PM

22 September 2015

2:27 PM

Emily Thornberry has only just made it back onto the frontbench after she had to resign from the shadow cabinet over a tweet she sent of a photo of a house covered with St George flags during the Rochester and Strood by-election. However, despite discovering the dangers of Twitter first hand, the Labour MP has not been put off using it to share her more risqué thoughts.

Following yesterday’s #piggate scandal involving David Cameron, Thornberry has tweeted a photo of some curiously titled cured meat, along with a pig emoticon:


With many users on Twitter taking it to be a dig at the Prime Minister over the unconfirmed claim he once had intimate relations with a dead pig, one of her constituents has asked her to ‘behave with a little more dignity’:


Given that the Labour party has refused to comment on the pig claims, perhaps Thornberry would do well to try and adhere to the party line this time around.

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