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Lesley Garrett: Labour chose the wrong Miliband brother

15 June 2015

4:55 PM

15 June 2015

4:55 PM

As a Doncaster resident, Lesley Garrett is well acquainted with her local MP Ed Miliband. However, the soprano was left disappointed by Labour’s effort in the general election.

In an interview ahead of her performance in Garsington Opera’s production of Così fan tutte, Garrett — who is a loyal Labour supporter — blamed their election defeat in part on the party choosing the wrong Miliband brother to lead the party:

‘Yes. I think most people do. I think his brother had more experience, and a more authoritative voice. I think Ed was very good at what he did, and I think the two of them together would have been unstoppable. My big sorrow is that they weren’t able to get their heads together and sort it out between themselves and pick the right brother for the top job and the other brother for the second job.’

Garrett is also uninspired by the current Labour leader contenders:

‘Nobody strikes me as being ready yet. They just need longer to cook! None of them have an individual and powerful voice, none have intellectual clout coupled with a common sense and a knowledge of what it is to be a working person.’

With David Miliband rumoured to be considering a return to UK politics ahead of the 2020 election, Mr S suspects he may have just won his first celebrity backer.

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