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Jacob Rees-Mogg asks Gove for a Magna Carta

11 June 2015

5:51 PM

11 June 2015

5:51 PM

Jacob Rees-Mogg told the House on Thursday that his favourite activity is making speeches on Europe and ‘if the House isn’t sitting, I do it at home’.

That’s not the only place he opines on the subject. Mr S was enjoying some supper at the Savile Club on Wednesday evening, with his comrades from ‘Conservatives for Liberty’. The noble sounding group is made up of your average Tory boys, with facial hair that would not have looked out of place in the Continental Army circa 1776.

While the evening was meant to be a celebration of the Magna Carta, with David Davis and John Redwood in attendance, the conversation in the room kept going in one direction: Europe.

Guest speaker Rees-Mogg skilfully turned his speech about the history of the charter into a direct on assault on our European overlords. By the end of his twenty-minute turn, Rees-Mogg was calling for:

‘a new great charter. That establishes the rules that we take for granted’, rules that we ‘took as our birthright 800 years ago.’

While giving advice to Justice Secretary Michael Gove, who has been tasked with pulling us out of the European Convention on Human Rights, Rees-Mogg then said he wanted to see a new ‘declaration of rights that already exist and then brought into our superior rule of fundamental law’ so we can ‘take control of our destiny.’

Rousing stuff.

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