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Concert steward does not feel the love at Elton John gig

8 June 2015

3:17 PM

8 June 2015

3:17 PM

Sorry was not the hardest word in Gloucester last night after Sir Elton John lost it live on stage with a lowly crowd steward, yelling:

‘You f–king stewards, who do you think you are? This is my f–king concert, who are you? …. especially you with the f–king blonde ponytail, you’re a f–king c— … Yes you, this isn’t f–king China, now piss off. My fans have paid good money and if they want to wave their f–king arms they f–king can. Do you hear me? Now piss off!’

The charming singer was soon apologising for his tantrum, welcoming said female steward to the stage by way of an apology:

Of course, this is not the first time Sir Elton has lost it on stage. Mr S recalls a story told by David Paton, lead singer of 70s chart-toppers Pilot. Paton, who played bass for Elton in the eighties including on his hit single Nikita, recalls a tantrum Elton had during a performance:

‘Elton had the odd tantrum or two but it was never with the band. One night he stormed off stage in a bad mood, leaving us playing Rocket Man, and told his chauffeur “Take me back to the hotel!” But they couldn’t get out of the car park because it was full, so he wandered back on stage, sat at the piano and carried on with the show.’

Sounds like ‘The B-tch is Back!’

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