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Charlotte Church to be reunited with David Cameron at this year’s Tory conference

30 June 2015

4:58 PM

30 June 2015

4:58 PM

In 2012 Charlotte Church met with David Cameron at the Conservative Party Conference as part of a Hacked Off fringe event. Although the meeting appeared to be civil at the time, the classical singer turned anti-austerity activist later said he came across as ‘gross and really misogynistic’:

‘He was so dismissive to what I had to say. It just really irked me that whole situation.’

Now three years on, Steerpike understands that the pair will have the chance for a reunion at this year’s Tory conference, which is to be held in Manchester in October. Church announced during a debate over the weekend that she is set to appear there as part of the People’s Assembly three-day sit-in protest:


However, rather than ‘making a nuisance’ of themselves, Church says they will take part in creative activities:

‘We’re going to have a sit in for three days. So rather than it just be making a nuisance of oursleves, we’re going to hopefully have a graffitti battle and an open mic.’

Mr S hopes Church finds time to dedicate a song to Cameron. Suggestions welcome.

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