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Steve Hilton talks Cameron, Crosby and Vincecablefreude at book launch

20 May 2015

8:13 AM

20 May 2015

8:13 AM

David Cameron’s former director of strategy Steve Hilton is in town this week to promote his new book More Human. Mr S was a guest at the book launch in East London where Cameron was serenaded by a violinist while George Osborne and Ed Vaizey raised a glass in celebration of the tome.


In his speech, Hilton couldn’t help but offer his own verdict on the election, making sure to pay tribute to his former boss:

‘I am very happy to say welcome Prime Minister. I think the real reason this book is helpful to the Prime Minister is that he can actually say “see, see what I had to put up with all those years”.’

While Cameron looked on fondly, Hilton proceeded to make a gentle dig at fellow strategist Lynton Crosby, joking about the number of emails he had received begging for him to help bring the Tories more positive election coverage. ‘I said look Dave you hired him. But seriously, Lynton did a great job,’ Hilton joshed.

Others who fared less well in the speech were the Labour leadership hopefuls:

‘For me the most exciting moment of the Labour leadership was not Chuka’s withdrawal but the moment when Dan Jarvis ruled himself out, and I thought look how can it be possible that someone that I have never heard of has ruled themselves out.’

However, Hilton saved the best line of his speech for Vince Cable, who lost his seat to the Tories in the election:

‘Now there’s not many Liberal Democrats here. We shouldn’t laugh at the Liberal Democrats, that would be schadenfreude or as we now say following the result from Twickenham, Vincecablefreude.’

Mr S suspects that it was just as well that there was only one Liberal Democrat present at the bash.

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