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Sell your Tory glory story: The Sun offers cash for Conservative testimonials

5 May 2015

4:34 PM

5 May 2015

4:34 PM

Mr S reported over the weekend that Rupert Murdoch has jetted in to Britain ahead of the election. Now in the UK, the media mogul, and arch rival of Ed Miliband, is expected to be running a tight ship across all News UK titles as polling day approaches.

So Mr S couldn’t help but wonder which bright spark thought it was a good idea to place an advert from the Sun with a press agency offering money in return for a ‘good-news story’ about the Conservatives:

The advert, which conveniently expired at 4.00pm today, offered Tory voters £100 for such stories but also required them to be available to be photographed within the next two hours.

A Sun spokesman says that they are not responsible for the advert, despite asking the agency to source the case studies:

‘The Sun, like most newspapers and magazines, will pay agencies to source case studies for our stories. This advert, as can be seen by the contact email, was written by SWNS and is therefore not the responsibility of the Sun.’

Either way, it sounds as though Miliband really has got Murdoch worked up.

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