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A chipper Cameron begins to woo the Tory backbenchers

11 May 2015

11:34 AM

11 May 2015

11:34 AM

A very chipper David Cameron has just given an impromptu press conference to journalists outside the 1922 Committee. He joked that there were more government jobs to go round than he was expecting, and didn’t seem that sad about the demise of the Lib Dems.

His priority, he said, was implanting the manifesto, a copy of which he waved at us before going in to rapturous applause. But when asked whether he now fancied standing again in 2020, he said ‘I maintain all the things I said’.

He also gently teased journalists for being ‘too nice’ about the Labour campaign when they were ‘weren’t breaking through’ on the key things such as the economy.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the newly elected Victoria Borwick with a bear hug as she went in, and told the huddle of hacks that one of the stand-out moments for him was seeing Kelly Tolhurst beat Mark Reckless in Rochester.

‘I think today will go well,’ he said, before being invited into the committee room. He knows that for the next few years to go well, the MPs he’s facing right now in that room need a little bit of wooing.

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