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Yvette Cooper: Ed Balls Day has become too commercial

29 April 2015

1:12 PM

29 April 2015

1:12 PM

After Tristram Hunt subjected himself to an array of questions from Mumsnet users on Monday, today was Yvette Cooper’s turn in the hot seat. Although the Labour MP had managed to organise the Q&A so as not to clash with her husband’s Ed Balls Day, she could not escape the topic.

One user – by the name of ‘rubbishdeskhoover’ – was unimpressed by yesterday’s celebrations which saw the shadow chancellor tweet his name for the fourth year, while Pizza Hut even joined the fun by creating a special pizza to mark the occasion:

Taking to the Mumsnet forum, rubbishdeskhoover asked Cooper if she too was tired of Ed Balls Day:

rubbishdeskhoover: Ed Balls day… let’s be honest, it’s wearing a bit thin now. Do you wish it would just stop? Have you explained it to your kids yet?

YvetteCooperMP: You mean everyone buying presents and everything? Pizza Hut, Coca Cola, the BBC all trying to get in on it? I agree with the tweeter who warned that Ed Balls day is all getting a bit too commercial these days, losing its true meaning.

With Cooper claiming the day has become ‘too commercial’, it seems that even Ed Balls Day is no longer safe from Labour’s brand of ‘anti-business’ politics.

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