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Watch: Schoolchild tells Tristram Hunt he would vote Ukip to ‘get all the foreigners out’

16 April 2015

1:32 PM

16 April 2015

1:32 PM

Tristram Hunt encountered every politician’s nightmare on the campaign trail this morning. When visiting a primary school in Derbyshire, the shadow education secretary asked a schoolchild how they would vote in the general election. The answer was probably not one he was expecting:

Tristram Hunt: Do you know who you’d vote for?

Schoolchild: Ehhh, Ukip

Hunt: You’d vote Ukip? Very good. Why’s that?

Schoolchild: Eh, I’d like to get all of the foreigners out of the country

Finally, we have the first moment of the campaign to rival Gordon Brown’s Gillian Duffy gaffe in 2010.

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