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Nick Clegg’s picture caption election

1 April 2015

5:53 PM

1 April 2015

5:53 PM

Mock Nick Clegg all you like, but he is taking an impressively pragmatic approach to this General Election. The Deputy Prime Minister knows that he might not get as much coverage as the main parties or the insurgent parties if he just says things (though already announcing a lot of your manifesto and charging hacks £750 a day for the pleasure of hanging out in your disturbingly Austin Powers-esque bus might make that a tad more difficult anyway). So to ensure that he does get a modicum of coverage each day, he’s having a picture caption election.

On Monday, it was hedgehogs in Solihull. Yesterday he had that selfie with Joey Essex and a cookery class.

General Election 2015 campaign - March 31st

Today he’s been at a soft play area, though sadly he didn’t dive into the ballpit.

General Election 2015 campaign - April 1st

Another day, another eye-catching picture of Nick Clegg in the newspapers, hopefully with a short caption saying ‘the Lib Dem leader announced more support for working parents’. Better than another day without much coverage of the Lib Dems.

Either that, or Clegg has decided that the election result is going to be so miserable for the Lib Dems that he might as well have a fun and relaxing tour of Britain involving things he’s always wanted to do, a sort of political Bucket List. Perhaps tomorrow he’ll go to a spa.

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