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Max Hastings reveals the contents of a Prince Charles letter about homeopathy

2 April 2015

3:37 PM

2 April 2015

3:37 PM

Last month the Supreme Court ruled that Prince Charles’s ‘black spider memos’ to government ministers should be made public. The decision comes following a ten year legal battle between Buckingham Palace and the Guardian, after Clarence House argued that the contents of the letters were private.

With the release now impending, Max Hastings has offered a taste of what could be to come in this week’s issue of the Spectator. The former editor of the Daily Telegraph says that he has a letter the Prince wrote ‘lobbying for some NHS funds to be diverted from conventional medicine to homeopathy’:

‘I have beside me a copy of a letter allegedly written by him some years ago to a cultural institution, asserting the conviction that “there is a DIVINE Source which is ultimate TRUTH… that this Truth can be expressed by means of numbers… and that, if followed correctly, these principles can be expressed with infinite variety to produce Beauty”.’

Hastings goes on to commend the Supreme Court for ruling that Prince Charles’s letters should be published.

‘The heir to the throne is entitled to believe such things, but if he aspires to influence public affairs, he has no claim to keep his interventions secret. The Supreme Court last week reached its only credible decision, by acceding to the Guardian’s demand that his lobbying correspondence should be published.’

Mr S encourages Prince Charles to write to the Spectator with a letter of reply. In case he’s forgotten:

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