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Did David Cameron take a dig at the BBC’s Robert Peston?

27 April 2015

6:58 PM

27 April 2015

6:58 PM

After Mr S’s colleague Camilla Swift revealed how the BBC misquoted David Cameron as saying he loved foxhunting when he appeared on the Andrew Marr Show, they were accused by some of showing ‘left-wing bias’.

Now a new row is brewing between the Tories and the BBC. Perhaps still angry about the BBC’s behaviour two weeks ago when Marr interrogated Cameron about his ‘favourite’ sport, this morning the Prime Minister appeared to take a dig at the corporation’s economics editor.

Speaking at the Conservatives’ small business launch, Cameron told small business owners:

‘You are responsible for turn around. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, the grafters. A really big thank you for what you’ve done. 5,000 businesses wrote in to say continue the job. We know the economy is everything. It isn’t just some technical presentation by Robert Peston on BBC.’

Peston didn’t seem overly amused by the comments, taking to Twitter to ask users what they thought Cameron had meant by it:

Peston, who wrote an article last year asking whether Cameron was more like Thatcher than Margaret Thatcher, has previously denied that the corporation shows left-wing bias:

‘If I’m honest, the BBC’s routinely so anxious about being accused of being left-wing, it quite often veers in what you might call a very pro-establishment, [a] rather right-wing direction, so that it’s not accused of that.’

Still, Mr S suspects that Cameron may now have a bigger issue to concern himself with. The Conservatives appeared cheered this morning by the front page of the Telegraph which featured a letter signed by 5,000 small business owners endorsing the Tories. However, the party has since been ridiculed online after it became clear that the letter was sent to the paper by CCHQ.

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