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Tories launch new Saatchi poster campaign

2 March 2015

6:12 PM

2 March 2015

6:12 PM

You know the Conservative campaign is well underway when there’s a new Saatchi poster about. Today, Conservative HQ has released a new campaign to remind the public that Labour pose a threat to Britain’s economic recovery. The message in the poster (above) warns voters ‘don’t let Labour wreck it’.

I understand this poster was created by M&C Saatchi, the advertising agency behind classic numerous Tory posters — including ‘Labour isn’t working’ and ‘New Labour, New Danger.’ The first poster of the 2015 campaign from the Saatchis ties in the Tories’ message about the economy into the classic bold Saatchi style. Chairman Grant Shapps said about the poster today:

‘Conservatives came into office with a simple mission. To rescue Britain’s economy and build a better future, by cutting the deficit, backing businesses, and creating jobs.

‘That plan is working: we are on the way to full employment, a job for everyone who wants one. But the recovery is fragile: it could be crushed by Labour’s wrecking ball. Ed Miliband is hellbent on spending, borrowing and taxing more, meaning chaos for hardworking families.

‘So, today our message is simple: Britain’s on the right track, don’t turn back.’

It’s business as usual from the Tories: economy, economy, economy. It’s notable that unlike the German road poster, the Conservative logo is missing from the Saatchi poster and the ‘Vote Conservative’ tag line is pushed into the left hand corner. It suggests that the Tories are less interested in bigging up their own brand than they are in terrifying voters about the prospect of a Miliband government

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