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Has a Tory MP been editing his Wikipedia page from the Houses of Parliament?

5 March 2015

2:12 PM

5 March 2015

2:12 PM

Thanks to the internet, it has become increasingly difficult for politicians to hide any past indiscretions. However, this hasn’t put some MPs off from trying.

Mr S has noticed some edits have recently been made to Tory MP Craig Whittaker’s Wikipedia profile. The page has had some interesting amendments, with two negative references to the MP for Calder Valley being deleted.


First, an edit in December saw all reference taken out to an incident in 2011 where Whittaker was arrested for an alleged attack on his son outside a petrol station.

A second change was then made which saw a line deleted regarding claims that he had misled his constituents over cuts to the NHS. Whittaker has been accused of misleading his constituents about the future of a local hospital which could be closed.

Mr S was curious as to why such information had been deleted in the lead up to the election so he found out what locations the changes had been made from. Both edits occurred from parliament, as the IP information shows:


Mr Steerpike asked the Conservative Press Office whether Whittaker or someone from his office had been editing his page. He is yet to receive a reply.

Update: Craig Whittaker has been in touch to explain why the amendments were made. The MP admits that someone in his office was behind the changes.

‘The edit was done after someone added the piece about the NHS onto the page. The edit was in fact done by a member of my staff as the information re the NHS story is in fact misleading and not correct.

‘Inadvertently I believe both stories were taken off at the same time. The one about my arrest has been on there for a long time and is correct.’

Update: Jon Cronshaw of the Halifax Courier has got in touch to claim that Whittaker is wrong to suggest that the NHS story was ‘misleading’.

‘Over the past year Craig – in quotes to the press, at public debates and in letters to his constituents – said categorically that there were no proposals to close the A&E. He then went on to accuse campaigners of scaremongering and accused the Courier of bad reporting. During an attack on political rivals on Twitter Craig said he didn’t know if there were any proposals and to him that was the point.’

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