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Meet Saudi Arabia’s top cleric. Like Isis, he also thinks churches should be destroyed

18 March 2015

4:39 PM

18 March 2015

4:39 PM

Today a quick game of ‘spot the difference.’

First, here are some photos, released yesterday, of Isis pulling down the crosses on ancient churches and desecrating Christian holy sites in Mosul, Iraq. They admit to doing this because they wish to destroy all records of pre-Islamic civilisation and because, they say, they are following Islamic law.



And then secondly we have Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti speaking at a conference in Kuwait on Tuesday. There Saudi Arabia’s top cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, called for the destruction of all churches on the Arabian peninsula. He explained that this is necessitated by Islamic law.

So perhaps the first part of the game should be ‘spot the difference’. The second part might be: ‘and which one is our ally?’ Answers below.

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