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Look at this cheap trick the Tories tried to play on me

30 March 2015

11:24 AM

30 March 2015

11:24 AM

‘Mansion Tax Revaluation Information’, said the letter that came through my letterbox, in an envelope that screamed ‘council’ or ‘taxman’ or something alarming.

The letter inside was carefully formatted to look official. ‘Your property has been identified as one which could be affected by Ed Miliband’s “Mansion Tax”. This could leave you with an additional bill of more than £20,000 per year.’

And then: ‘Labour has promised to introduce the Mansion Tax immediately. The Inland Revenue will send out demands for payment after the budget in June. That is three months away, are you ready and able to pay Labour’s Mansion Tax?’

You had to turn over the page for the first mention of the word ‘Conservatives’ – the people responsible for this embarrassing stunt. It was signed ‘Lindsey Hall, Prospective MP for Westminster North’.

I wasn’t taken in for a second, but what about the old lady down the road? And what’s all this crap about ‘your property’ being in line for the Mansion Tax? It’s a flat, in a building obviously made up of flats – clue: all those doorbells.

Ms Hall was going to get my vote. Now I’m not so sure. If this is the quality of Lynton Crosby’s campaign tactics, no wonder the Tories aren’t pulling ahead in the polls. Honestly, it’s worthy of the Lib Dems.

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